photo credit:  oddisee

photo credit: oddisee

// a   w o r d   f r o m   c h a r   l o r o 

you get to a point where somethings just gotta give - the ideas are too potent to stay an ethereal piece of vibration floating in the universe - who do i need to make this happen? who wants to do it for the same reasons? 
my design mind always wants to provoke and challenge the norm - will people go for it? - its a constant social experiment for me - how to craft a space with all the right elements, the details - to make people feel something they aren’t used to, something they don’t feel enough - its magic. mystery. the element of surprise and wonder.
 i feel these feelings whenever i experience music that unequivocally moves me, when i see someone dance and perform with a charisma that shines and blows you out the water - i’ve gone to enough shows and concerts that didn’t give me the space or environment to experience an artist the way they deserve to be received - the transformations of a space needs to be so intentional.
 i always start with the question - how do we want to feel when we walk through a space? from start to end of the experience, how do we want to FEEL? i’m taking you on a vibe journey. i want to push the envelope in how you experience live music, movement, visuals, connection with human beings, art, and yourself.
i’m always looking for the gnarliest squad to collectively create and manifest our vision. i am consistently challenged to keep learning how to activate people, how to refine the experience, and how to organize the work that needs to get done to make the mission happen. the reward is so legend.
i’m a connector. i’m a curator of magic and vibes. i just want people to feel something. i just want people to feel their humanity.