// i n t r o  :  C h a r  L o r o

Char Loro is a multi-faceted creative producer and curator of live music and dance events, immersive art experiences, as well as multi-media video & photo production. She is a space and experience designer, a connector and community builder, and a master of ceremonies.

Char is a true shape shifter - having lived in Canada's three largest cities, she's consistently had to reinvent herself, remaining nimble to change, and evolving with her new surroundings.

During her six years of living in Toronto and Montreal in her earlier 20's, Char attended Ryerson University  where she graduated with a BA of Fine Arts at the RTA School of Media. She concentrated on production, interviews, and on-camera work, with content primarily focusing on hip hop music, and the arts and culture community of Toronto. She was the Co-Director of Video Documentation for Manifesto Festival of Community & Culture - Canada's largest urban hip hop festival. She interned for RapCity on MuchMusic and also independently produced live soul, funk and hip hop events. 

// a b o u t 

ShapeShifterStudio is a creative production studio that transforms spaces and designs immersive experiences through live event production and artistic curation.

Using a multitude of mediums such as movement, performance, installation art, digital visual projections, sound, lighting, shadows and textures - we like to play with colour, aromas, tactility, the intentional placement of people and things to facilitate a specific energy in a space.

We bring together an ever-evolving hand-picked squad of creative collaborators for each project. We are curious about the ways in which people intersect, connect, and interact with the events we curate and the environments that we design - with the intent that they will experience something genuine, captivating, and unforgettable.


Moving back to Vancouver in 2014, Char began to discover the underground music scene - something refreshingly different and unique to what she knew in the east - sounds that were more electronic, bassy and visually provocative. Her exploration with transforming spaces and designing multi-sensory experiences propelled her into founding ShapeShifterStudio. 

Char is very passionate about activating urban public spaces and has brought her energy, event and emceeing skills to work presently with the Vancouver Mural Festival and the Vancouver Street Dance Festival since 2017. Over the last 3 years, she has been producing the '4 Elements of Hip Hop' event part of Vancouver Mural Festival, and has partnered with various organizations such as Public Disco, Vancouver Civic Theatres, City of Vancouver, the Museum of Anthropology UBC, and the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association.

She has been building bridges between international arts communities, with stronger roots in Toronto, Vancouver, the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Portland), California (Los Angeles, the Bay Area) and SE Asia (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Philippines, Indonesia). Char has been traveling to SE Asia every year for the past five years working with various communities, including Singapura Dub Club - a dub, reggae, dancehall movement in Asia. Char aspires to continue connecting and energizing communities worldwide, creating spaces for people to come together and experience the magic of her curations and environments.

As a community builder, Char aims to create as many opportunities possible for womxn, people of diversity + spectrum, and artists of street dance, street art and urban music - to be seen, heard and given equal access to thrive and grow.